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Rainwater Tanks

Above ground: We offer round tanks and slim line tanks, polyethylene and corrugated steel tanks in a range of sizes from the smallest (250 litres) to the largest (45,000 litres). All water tanks come with standard fittings including leaf strainer, overflow, outlet and gate valve.

Underground: .All the preparation and installation of an underground taken is taken care of by
our qualified trades people. It can be installed below your driveway, paved area, car park, decking or even below a newly constructed home. These large capacity tanks can be completely hidden from your view. These tanks are available in either polyethylene or concrete, and the options are assessed on price, location and accessibility.

Our preferred water tank manufacturers and accessories suppliers are Nylex, Tankmasta, Tank Works, Polymaster, AllPoly products, Bluescope, Davey Pump and Onga Pump

Period Homes Roofing Specialists

We only use BHP Bluescope steel on all our guttering & roofing replacements. (New or Old)

Complete Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Plumbing, Plastering, Carpentry, Concreting, Tiling, Painting, Electrical & Rubbish removal

Domestic Plumbing Maintenance

Tap washers, Blocked toilets,
New & Replacement of hot water units
Gas Installations – New & Old Replacements
Plumbing Industry Certificates supply with each installation
Full $ 20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance cover

!!! Our Fussiness is Your Guarantee !!!

Government Rebates

The Victorian Government’s Water Smart Rebate Scheme and the Federal Government through the National and Greywater Initiative enables buyers of Rainwater tanks and water saving products to claim rebates. The rebate eligibility is based on the size of the tank and how the tank is connected to your home. The tank must be installed by a licensed plumber.

Product Rebate
Rainwater tank 600L or larger $150
Rainwater tank 600L – 1999L connected to toilet $300
Rainwater tank 2000L – 4999L connected to toilet $500
Rainwater tank 5000L connected to either toilet or laundry $900
Rainwater tank 5000L connected to both toilet and laundry $1000
Greywater System from laundries and bathrooms for use on the garden or in the toilet $500
Hot water recirculator $150
Dual flush toilet $50
Water saving showerheads $10-$40

Additional Federal Government rebates

Products Rebate
Rainwater tank 2000 – 3999L connected to toilet and/or laundry $400
Rainwater tank 4000L or larger connected to toilet and/or laundry $500
Greywater System from laundries and bathrooms for use on the garden or in the toilet $500

Green Water Plumbing is about saving water and protecting our precious environment.
As we all know Melbourne has been in the worst drought ever and so now is the best time to install a Rainwater Tank to capture the runoff from your roof area.