Shop at 228 Barkly St, Fitzroy North Huge range on display Installation Vehicles Tankmasta 5000L underground tank
Below ground plumbing installation Completion of all underground plumbing, drainage with overflow pit area Delivery of 9000L Concrete rain tank Installation of underground rain tank
2000L Slimline Domm tank Bluescope steel 5000L Slimline tank 2x7500L AllPoly rain tank 3500L AllPoly rain tank with new concrete base and green water pump
10000L Tankmasta rain tank connected to Rainbank system in Car-park in Diamond Ceek area 3300L Slimline tank from Above All tanks 2300L Slimline from AllPoly products 2500L AllPoly products with new concreted base connected to garden tap
2400L Metal tank connected with new guttering. Tank supplied from Tankworks Hue range of Metal tanks on display 3000L Slimline fully installed with 3 down pipes outlets in Northcote Tankmasta 3000L underground tank installed by John Cascone owner of Green Water Plumbing.
2500L Slimline connected to Davey Rainbank system Bluescope steel Ultra Slim rain tank from Tankworks Australia 2300L Slimline from AllPoly products 4500L from AllPoly Products fully connected to underground wet system.
Commencement of new roof installation from Period Homes roofing Specialists by licensed roof & domestic plumber John Cascone Semi completed new Colorbond roof metal fom Bluescope steel BHP Fully completed metal colorbond roof including new gutters and Metal Fascia
Clifton Hill roof restoraion – before Completion of Clifton Hill roof restoration

Teminus Hotel, Clifton Hill  Aquaplate 2400L Slimline

5000L Slimline connected to Davey Rainbank
Ultra Slim by Tankworks 2X 2500L Team Poly in Northcote 2500L Team Poly in Camberwell Aquaplate 2400L by Tankworks
You are passing a Green Water Plumbing delivery vehicle with 2X 3300L Slimline Tanks